Leona Neelam Maple (she/her) is a South Asian queer intersectional feminist and diversity consultant. She is all about making space for her fellow BIMPOC (Black, Indigenous, Mixed, and People of Color) folx and queer folx, through building communities and streamed shows aimed at growth in these marginalized communities, as well as through consulting work.

Leona’s first brush with intersectional feminism was in a Facebook group, where other women of color educated each other on important concepts to reduce each other’s emotional labour. Since then, she has eagerly researched and read countless articles on intersectionality, including works by bell hooks, KimberlĂ© Crenshaw, and WEB DuBois, to name a few.

Leona’s passion for building safe spaces for BIMPOC and similarly marginalized communities stems from experiencing the healing effects of these spaces herself, in a BIMPOC only group that would meet in person in a private room. Having an opportunity to let your guard down as a woman of color is incredibly rare. Now, Leona actively seeks out people of color – and questions when this community is missing from a space. She currently runs Vibrant Legends on the Dicey Amazons channel.

In addition to her experience in inclusion and diversity, Leona also has a communications background. She graduated from Simon Fraser University with a BA in Communications in 2020. Her degree gave her opportunities to examine the crossroads of intersectionality, feminism, and communications. She has worked with magazines, marketing teams, nonprofits, and small businesses on a wide array of things – press releases, marketing, event management, social media marketing, consulting, writing, PR, and publishing.

As a member of her local South Asian community, Leona is intimately familiar with South Asian diaspora’s cultural behaviours, Hinduism, Indian history and culture, and much more.

Intersectionality Consulting

Leona’s passion is working with clients on intersectionality and diversity, particularly in the TTRPG community. Her wide array of prior experience means that Leona can advise in a variety of ways. She is available for one-on-one consultations, consultations on community building, making an organization, setting, or TTRPG game more inclusive, and more. If you’re not sure you need a consultant or sensitivity reader, reach out! Leona is happy to help you figure it out. Leona’s rate for all of her work is $150 USD per hour and is happy to work with you to figure out where she can best assist your project to help it blossom. This rate is subject to change and nonprofit organizations are welcome to ask about a reduced rate. If this rate is too high, please inquire about a sliding scale rate so that we can find a payment amount that works for you!

At the same rate, she is also available for sensitivity readings and can provide advice to all clients both in person and over video calls, and much more. Leona does not offer a “per word” rate other than in special circumstances as the majority of her work involves time that goes beyond simply reading or writing a certain number of words and includes time and energy devoted to research and emotional labour.

Leona is happy to help refer you to sensitivity readers and cultural consultants that fit your needs. She charges a $25 USD fee per referral as an acknowledgement of the time and effort it takes to source consultants.

She always welcomes questions, if you have any!

Completed Projects That Leona Has Helped On

Check out some of her amazingly successful clients!

Customizing D&D Races by James Introcaso

Elfinfolk by Adam Baffoni

Legend of the 3 Cosmic Fists

Paladin: Oath of Deliverance by Keith Ammann

My Dad’s Monster Manual by James Introcaso

Burn Bryte

Birds of Paradise by Poison Potion Press

The Hidebound Novel Series by A. Oliver Noel – Also available on Amazon and AuthorHouse

Where You Can Find Leona

If you would like to get in touch, Leona can most easily be found on her Twitter.

If you would like to support Leona you can do so via her Patreon or her Ko-Fi.

Praise For Maple Intersectionality Consulting

@TheLeonaMaple was incredibly professional and I would recommend her for your diversity facilitation needs any day.


Just finished a sensitivity check on some of my artwork with @TheLeonaMaple. Trust me, you want her checking your work. Personable, professional and affordable. Couldn’t ask for more. Hire her to keep yourself from getting dragged for not doing your research.


Just finished a great chat with @TheLeonaMaple about a project I am working on. An absolutely brilliant experience, it was full of wonderful ideas to help with representation and inclusivity! Can’t wait to work with her more. More on the project coming soon!

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