The Maple Mentorship Program

Maple Intersectionality Consulting is proud to announce the Maple Mentorship Program, starting April 2021! [[Anything in brackets will be removed in the public version of this page, this is more info for folx that Leona is asking for advice from!]]

This workshop series’s vision is to actively empower new and blossoming sensitivity readers of marginalized identities by giving them the skills to build and grow a career creating a better world through sensitivity reading.

Sensitivity reading is a comparatively new industry, and many clients will be exploring hiring a reader for the very first time. This makes having a professional business structure, a structured approach to work, and a viable promotion plan imperative to success. These are all areas where the mentorship program will support mentees, as well as providing them with guidance, advice, and a supportive network of fellow readers through the program’s Discord. The focus of this project is to assist readers and build their confidence in sensitivity reading and client consultations.

While we thank everyone for their interest and want to ensure we can help as many interested mentees as possible, the program will be operating in cohorts of 6 mentees maximum after which, if needed, a waitlist [[See this link]] will be created.

How Much Is It?

This mentorship program is completely funded by ally donorship and 100% FREE to mentees.

If you would like to sponsor the program, please reach out to Leona via email or via the form on this website. Donations can be made here:[link tbd]. All tips, donations, and sponsorship contributions go toward enabling more mentees to participate in the program free of charge.

The Program

Learning will occur at the pace of each mentee so they complete the program feeling confident in their desired learning outcomes. Mentees and alumni will have access to a private invitation-only Discord server where they can network, help the next cohort of mentees, and collaborate.

  • Step One: Mentees establish individualized goals for their learning, discuss the program and their learning objectives with Leona, and complete their NDA paperwork. [[Mentees will be asked to fill out an intake form (currently in it’s FIRST DRAFT phase) that is designed to create an individualized set of goals for their learning. After this, I will meet with them on a call to chat about their goals and my observations, and fill out paperwork]]
  • Step Two: Mentees join the Discord and begin their learning process. [[MODULES TO BE BUILT]]
    • Module 1: Consultancy Business Skills – The contracts, taxes, invoicing, rates, business processes, and other professional skills that enable consultants to deliver paid sensitivity reading for clients.
    • Module 2: Sensitivity Reading – Guidance and practical exercises on how to provide a comprehensive and accessible service. Considerations to make while reading, what to look for, how to tailor your comments to a client, and how to deliver successful video or written consultations. [[Mentees will be provided pieces to practice sensitivity reading with and will be provided with feedback and assistance. Practice pieces to be built.]]
    • Module 3: Marketing and Promotion – How to find work opportunities, build your brand, and promote sensitivity reading as a paid service.
  • Step Three: Mentees find their own clients and projects, reporting back on how they are doing, what they are struggling with, and getting advice and help as needed.
  • [[Step 4: Complete the exit survey and then go out and change the world, one project at a time.]]

As mentees grow in their confidence and prepare to exit the program, Leona may bring them on to lead any projects where their expertise is a better fit than her own and pay them for their work, as well as facilitate networking and future work opportunities.

Applying to be a Mentee

The program will operate in cohorts of up to six concurrent mentees selected by Leona from among the applicants.
Applicants must:

  • Be of at least one or more marginalized intersections (eg. BIMPOC, LGBTQ, sex worker, mentally ill, disabled, etc.)
  • Have a commitment to intersectionality and intersectional feminism – to be clear, this means Sex Work is Work, no TERFs are welcome, Love is Love, Stop Asian Hate, listen to Indigenous folx, Black Lives Matter and ACAB, always punch Nazis, climate change is real, we are Pro-Choice, Fuck the Patriarchy, and Fuck Capitalism. [[To be refined]]
  • Recognize that their co-mentees will be of various intersections and possess lived experiences different than their own.
  • Have a willingness to pursue clients and opportunities independently.
  • Acknowledge that our world and language shifts frequently, and commit to lifelong learning to ensure they are providing their clients the most recent and accurate information.

To apply, contact Leona at

Current Mentees

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


The program, as outlined, is subject to change based upon mentee needs and their feedback. There is no guarantee of work opportunities, but opportunities for mentees will be facilitated to the best of Leona’s abilities. Leona is one person with one perspective – other consultants may have different business practices. She makes no claim to being a superior practitioner, she is simply sharing what has worked for her so far. To be explicitly clear: this is a NON CERTIFIED training program.

Thank You To Our Program Creation Consultants!

[[Franz Sweeney, David Gordon Buresh, Jennifer Kretchmer, Dmitry Grozoubinski, Kris Giere]]